Metalectro “Face Off” round 2

Posted: December 29, 2010 in Face Off

As promised last week, here comes the 2nd round of the Metalectro “Face Off”. This time is on the remix competition for “Blast” by Neus. It took me a while to pick my 5 favorite remixes but after all i have managed to reduce the list from 9 to 5 tracks. All 9 tracks i mentioned last week are great and are certainly worth checking out so congratulations to all these guys. I had to cut the list from 9 remixes to 5 though based on my taste and ears. So, sorry to Alienhearts, Monophonique, TrashingTeenagers?! and L & M Bros for not making it to my top 5. Good stuff guys! Now, let’s move to those who did make it:

Drivepilot (congratulations for being one of the 3 winners, totally deserve it!)

The Noisy Freaks (again congratulations for being one of the 3 winners!)

F.O.O.L (once again congratulations for being in the winning 3 remixes!)



Also, don’t forget to let these guys know your opinion about their remixes by leaving a comment here, on their pages or by going to the Metalectro Facebook Page and liking their tracks as each track will be posted there as well.


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