Pelussje “Frogsplash” (Official Video)

Posted: December 27, 2010 in Videos

The second post for today is the official video for “Frogsplash” by Pelussje. These guys are from Milan, Italy and they are responsible for bringing us what is known as “Sidechain Massacre”. Loud bass and aggressive gory electro that as their track suggests, is gonna smash you on the floor. This track is taken from their “Sangre” EP, released a few months ago on Flat Frog. These guys really like to throw destruction on the dancefloor and they are really good at doing so as well. If you like “Frogsplash” by Pelussje check out their other stuff as well and if you want to get deeper into the “Sidechain Massacre” concept you might wanna check out the self-titled Facebook Page and the rest of the gory crew like Belzebass and Gerruzz just to name a few.

  1. TheKingdomOfSteel says:

    this video sucks. and the blood is embarrassingly fake.
    what’s that supposed to mean???!! bullshit

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