Metalectro Xmas Special!

Posted: December 24, 2010 in Tunes

Ho, ho, ho and merry Xmas boys and girls! Today i have a special post for you! An Xmas Special of 8 dancefloor rockers! About 40mins of good electro from some names you might know of, some names you’ve seen on this blog before and some you don’t know or have seen here before but you will certainly see again! So, i’ll take it easy on the dirt and heaviness and lower the noise levels but check out today’s tracks because trust me, they are all awesome! I’ll spend more time introducing some of these artists next time i’ll post some of their music but today these babies from Indiscreet, Adam Freeland, Waxdolls, Kids At The Bar, Rubber Spanner, Bassnectar, EviCtion and Andy’s iLL will speak for themselves. They are all groovy and they will make you shake your ass for sure! So check them all out and let the party begin!


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