Face Offs, MixTapes, Interviews, Releases & Special Thanx

Posted: December 23, 2010 in News

Hell-o everybody! There are quite a few things that i wanted to inform you about as it seems like the next few days will way too Metalectric! So i have some news for you all! Before i get started with the news though i would like to thank both the Electro News blog and the Disco Demons blog for featuring and supporting Metalectro Mixtape vol.01 on their pages and blogs!!! Thank you so much guys and i strongly suggest to anyone reading this to go check out these two blogs and pages as they are both really great and they have a huge amount of good electro music for all tastes on there! As for this blog, here come some news for you!

Metalectro “Face Off” round 2

I have decided to have another rmx competition “Face Off” here on the Metalectro blog before the end of the year and to be honest there are so many good remixes of certain tracks around, that it was really hard to pick one. In the end i decided to go for “Blast” by Neus. Picking the top 5 Metalectro remixes of “Blast” though was a whole different task and quite a hard one i might add, as there way too many good remixes of it. Anyway, at the moment i have only managed to narrow the list down to 9 tracks and from here on it gets really hard so it’ll take some more time for me to make up my mind which the final 5 should be. Help would be much appreciated so here’s the list with the 9 candidates: LaGeometry, Alienhearts, Monophonique, F.O.O.L, TrashingTeenagers?!, Audiobot, The Noisy Freaks, L & M Bros and Drivepilot. Each and all of these 9 remixes is really great for it’s own reasons and i would rather not leave any out of the final “Face Off” but i will have to, so feel free to suggest which ones should make it to the top 5!

Metalectro MixTape Vol.02

As i suppose you can guess by the title the 2nd MixTape from the Metalectro blog is coming your way soon! Actually, i think it’ll be ready and available here and in all the Metalectro places to listen and download before the new year and hopefully will be alive and make it to some NYE parties as well. I’m still working on the tracklist, even though i have an idea of what i am going for, but i am officially now looking for tracks so feel free to send me any tracks on the Metalectro Soundcloud Group. I can’t promise they’ll all be in vol.02 but there will be more!


I will be posting some interviews soon from some artists whose tracks and sounds have been seen and heard around the Metalectro blog, Facebook Page and Soundcloud Group more than often and ask them to explain themselves and give us a good reason why they keep hanging out in all the bad, dirty and rowdy places. So watch out for that and check back to see what they have to say!


Here are some releases that are definitely worth mentioning and checking out! Some of them have been out for a while and others i might have missed or forgotten to mention here but it’s a start and i promise that it’s not by any means intentional. So check out these guys and i will try to keep you up to date with more releases from now on:

Konovalov – “Crackers” EP (22 Dec 2010) released by I HATE YOU Records


Partysmartie – “All I Do Is Party” EP (23 Dec 2010) FREE EP, featuring remixes by: Alienhearts, Chemical, Controls, F2U, Kiwistar, L & M Bros, Nation, SPRCSMS!, The Phat Crew and a bonus track!

Belzebass – “Hulk Out” EP (02 Dec 2010) Freakz Me Out Records


Eby Le Beatz – “Scleranthus” EP (18 Dec 2010) Kinetica Records featuring remixes by: Owl Vision and Aerotronic


Rubber Spanner – “In” EP (05 Nov 2010) featuring remixes by: The Big Robot, 5tarcrush and ASCII Demon


Kids At The Bar – “EXILE” EP (02 Nov 2010) KILLPOP Records


Narsti – “Stereo Nazi” EP (23 Oct 2010)  Basserk Records



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