Noizy Wednesday Pt.2

Posted: December 22, 2010 in Tunes

The post’s title makes it obvious really and if you listened to the first track i posted earlier today, you wouldn’t expect anything else from the second either. To continue ruining the Xmas spirit and mood i picked a track from Monophonique. I guess these guys need no introduction but then again i promised to say a few words about them when i posted their “Black Betty” rmx so… To be honest these aren’t my words but the words they used to describe their music. I couldn’t come up with anything better and most fitting though, so here it is. Monophonique is a dj/producing duo from K-town, West Flanders formed by Mr Lovehands and Synth Vicious. Their sets are build up from a steamy mix of electro, fidget, trash and all sort of dirty sounds but they are not afraid to cross some other genres. Their songs and remixes are heavy and brutal electro with dubstep and rock influences making your heart pound at 130 BPM. And make no mistake, “Hellmarch” which is the 2nd track i picked for today is heavy, dirty and evil! So, check out Monophonique because they are certainly worth it and i’ll be back with more Metalectro soon! Also, a big thank you to Monophonique for contributing to the Metalectro Soundcloud Group with “Hellmarch”. You guys rock!


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