Heavy, dirty, lovely synths…

Posted: December 20, 2010 in Tunes

After a busy Metalectric weekend with the Underoath rmx contest “Face Off” and Metalectro Mixtape Vol.01 i’m going back to a simple post for today. Today i’ll be posting 3 tracks i wanted to post for a while now. All 3 are great and they all have some lovely, heavy synths. So, let’s get started…

Natsuko – I Like Noodles

These guys on the left are Natsuko. Some of you may know them and some may not and that’s why i’m posting “I Like Noodles” from Natsuko, because you should know them! These guys come from the south of Belgium, armed with decks and love of music, and their only purpose is shaking people’s ass… And apparently it seems they are doing alright! Soon after they started performing as dj’s in small bars, back in 2008, Natsuko begun playing their own music which resulted in winning the big Belgian Soulwaxmas contest and opening the Soulwaxmas party with a powerful dj set. Their reputation as party fire starters is growing fast and i felt like opening today’s post with “I Like Noodles”, one of their best tracks in my opinion. You have to love the heavy synth and the sound of the track, at least i do! Maybe not the dirtiest track i’ve posted on the blog but Natsuko have done a great job combining a nice dance groove and heavy, dirty electro loudness. Good stuff and if any of you like noodles then go check out the rest of Natsuko’s tracks!


AKITAR – I’m Not A Machine

The second track comes from Akitar, a french producer inspired by Public Enemy, Daft Punk, Ellen Alien and Plaid amongst others. Akitar‘s musical passion is blending his influences, drawing mainly upon hip hop, soul, electro and 8bit. The track i picked from Akitar is called “I’m Not A Machine” and i have to admit that is my favorite of his tracks. Some of his influences can be spotted in this track, like Daft Punk and Vitalic. And this is a very good thing as i love both, and most of you do as well i guess. I think it’s fair to say that since this track makes me think of those two electro giants then Akitar deserves congratulations for even getting close to that level of musical greatness. Great track by Akitar and no doubt more will follow!


King Minos – Weight Lifter

King Minos is the electro project of Ossain and Eion Gibbs (Sirian Bank) and they are from the UK. The track i picked from them is called “Weight Lifter” and obviously i really like it since it was in the Metalectro MixTape Vol.01 as well. This track absolutely rocks and is one of my late favorites! Again, this isn’t the noisiest and dirtiest track you are going to find on the Metalectro blog but it is still banging hard in my opinion. I hope you like the track from King Minos as much as i did and if you do make sure you check out their other tracks as well. That’s all for now, enjoy this as well as the other 2 tracks and will be back with more Metalectro soon!


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