Underoath “Illuminator” rmx contest – Metalectro “Face Off”

Posted: December 18, 2010 in Face Off

So, as promised here comes our Underoath “Illuminator” rmx contest – Metalectro “Face Off”. Hope you are ready for some death metal headbanging dance moves because here come the top 5 Metalectro remixes of “Illuminator”. No prizes to be won here, only glory and appreciation of the good work and the banging tunes. So, comment on the tracks people and tell your friends to check them out and tell let these guys know what you think about their tracks. That’s all for now, will be back tomorrow bringing you the Metalectro MixTape Vol.01 with some great tracks in it. So, no more talking, let’s get loud and heavy with my favorite 5 Metalectro remixes of Underoath’s “Illuminator”.

Underoath – Illuminator (Deft Key rmx)

Underoath – Illuminator (1ino1eum rxm)

Underoath – Illuminator (Rubber Spanner rmx)


Underoath – Illuminator (Ollypop rmx)


Underoath – Illuminator (SAWAGii rework)

  1. 1ino1eum says:

    I like the part about the Underaoth Illuminator Remix 😉

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