Underoath “Illuminator” rmx contest – Metalectro “Face Off”

Posted: December 15, 2010 in News

It’s been a while since i had some news for you but now is the time! I have been patiently watching and waiting for the the Underoath “Illuminator” rmx contest results and winner and now that is over i think it’s time to have our first Metalectro “Face Off”. As expected, there were quite a few Metalectro entries in this one and we are going to pick the top 5 tracks, present them on the Metalectro blog and put them against each other. Well, there are no prizes to be won and stuff to give away but there is certainly some glory! After listening to a few remixes of “Illuminator” i have at last narrowed it down to just 5 and these will be:

Deft Key (congratulations for winning as well), 1ino1eum, SAWAGii, RubberSpanner and Ollypop

There will be more “Face Off”s in the following months so keep an eye and ear open for those as well! And send us tracks on the Metalectro Soundcloud Group if you want to be part of those.

  1. metalectro says:

    Also, i forgot to mention, you might wanna check out the Ministry rmx contest if you’re reading this post! One rmx of Ministry’s “Psalm 69” will be included on the soundtrack of the Ministry movie with members of Tool, Soundgarden, SkinnyPuppy and others! More details about it here!


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