KATFYR – Joint (Original Mix)

Posted: December 13, 2010 in Tunes

The second post of the day is a track that i have liked a lot for quite some time, i just never got to post it on the blog. Until now that is… It is from KATFYR (it’s actually pronounced catfire) and is called “Joint”. KATFYR is a duo from Lisbon, Portugal and with a repertoire that includes official remixes for well-known artists like autoKratz and Celldweller, they have earned their regular airplay on national radio like Antena 3. They are currently working on their first video and their debut album which should be out in late 2010, which is now so keep an eye and ear open for that. Listening to “Joint” it becomes very clear that KATFYR like aggressive bass lines and powerful beats and so do we. As you can tell their sound is huge and their productions are packed with energy and intensity. There is no doubt this track sounds huge as well but it is the combination of the massive sounding aggressive bass and the overall heavy sound with the female vocals and the melodic parts that make this track really awesome. A great track by KATFYR that has been and will stay in my playlist for quite some time i’m sure. Enjoy, dance and bang your heads to this one and don’t forget to check out their other stuff as well!


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