SlayerTrash – Rocking Shiit

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Tunes

Well, well, well, guess what day it is! You guessed right! It’s Friday again which means that the weekend is just around the corner but also it’s time for some more Metalectro! And today i am about to hit you with something quite special to my opinion. The first track is by SlayerTrash and as the name suggests it’s obvious you are in for a hard, loud, bumpy ride! These guys come from France and they like their electro hard and heavy. Actually, i have to mention that along with Richie Beretta, FCKN CREW, NARSTI and IKKI they are one of the first Metalectro artists i discovered. I might as well say that these artists are the forefathers of Metalectro if you like and not just because they are one of the first artists to come up with the sound but because of their tracks as well. Listening to “Rocking Shiit” is not hard to tell why i would say such a thing and credit SlayerTrash along with the others artists i mentioned with this title. This track is really pounding hard non-stop! I personally love the sound and the way they bring together the dance and rock/metal elements. Aggressive and loud, packed with energy and ready to explode and groovy at the same time “Rocking Shiit” by SlayerTrash is, as the title suggests, rocking and it’s todays’ first post. So, enjoy the track and trust me there will be more of SlayerTrash’s Metalectro coming your way soon! Rock on!


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