Cubicle (Rinocerose Asian Trash Boy rmx)

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Tunes

Now let’s move on to the second post with a remix on Rinocerose’s “Cubical” by Asian Trash Boy. To your  surpise i am sure, Asian Trash Boy is from France and more specifically from Toulouse. Famous for his energetic dj sets and his remixes, Asian Trash Boy has released several EPs, signed on multiple euro Labels such as ERASE REC UK, KILLA TUNES IT, STUDIO 3 REK IT and PLASMAPOOL. The track i picked from Asian Trash Boy is one of his best remixes to my opinion and i loved it since the first time i listened to it. For those of you familiar with the original version of “Cubicle”, which i quite like as well, you can tell that ATB has done a great job on this one making it bang and pound even harder and louder. Packed with energy as the original was as well, the addition of some synths has made ATB’s remix of “Cubicle” groovier and even more dance friendly i would say. It also sounds heavier as well and i think the sound of this remix fits the style of the track and the vocals perfectly. Groovy, heavy and sexy and overall a great remix by Asian Trash Boy that will make you dance, jump, scream and mix it in your sets if that’s your thing. I am certainly going to have it on my playlist for some time. Hope you like it as much as i did and that ATB has more like this planned and coming our way! That’s all for now, enjoy your weekend and more Metalectro on Monday. Over and out!


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