SAWAGii – And What?!

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Tunes

Hell-o again! Mid-week and more specifically Wednesday which means it’s time for some more Metalectro. Something to keep us going for a couple more days and then it’s weekend time again. So i was thinking to go pure Metalectro with today’s posts. The first track is from SAWAGii and is called “And What?!”. SAWAGii is surprise, surprise, from France and is most known for his remix on Kavinsky’s “Nightcall” which was a winner for that remix competition as well. And having listened to that track which is really great and a very clever and creative remix you wouldn’t expect less from him with his other tracks. He certainly didn’t disappoint me with “And What?!” as this track has something of the SAWAGii musical creativity, unique style and distinctive sound as well. The word that comes to me and think would best describe the track’s sound is rich. Nice synths and guitar and the nice mix and production give this track a nice, deep, colourfull atmosphere and sound. Nice track and i guess high expectations from SAWAGii for the future after showing us some great ideas and nice productions. Keep them coming and i will keep posting them!


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