Electro Foundation – Doghouse (Original Mix) [TEASER]

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Tunes


This second post and track is following in the first track’s footsteps as for the style and mood. It is from Electro Foundation and is called “Doghouse”. Electro Foundation is the duo of DJs/producers, Natan Duek and Aleph B’Ayer, from Rio de Janeiro. They produce House, Electro and Electro-house and are inspired by producers like David Guetta, Laidback Luke, Benny Benassi, Felguk, Deadmau5, Skrillex, Bruno Barudi, Alex Mind, Dirtyloud, Coldblank , Zedd,Vandalism and Klaas. With a few releases already they are fast growing and becoming well known in the Electro-house scene. The track i picked to post from Electro Foundation though could well be described as Metalectro. It sure has the electro-house dance groove and club feel and sound all over it but this doesn’t mean it can’t get loud, dirty and rock hard. Great production and sound, nice melody but i have to emphasize on that amazing and very clever guitar mid part. I was really shocked and amazed the first time i listened to that part and it does take the track onto the next level and another dimension. It is totally unexpected and it works really great, not just the sound and the guitar itself but even the live atmosphere, the crowd clapping to the rhythm and everything. It just works like a charm, spot on and very good call to have that part! So, enjoy the track and if you really like this teaser as much as i did keep in mind it has already been released by MDS_DIGITAL records and is available on Beatport. Great stuff guys, awesome track!


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