Posted: December 6, 2010 in Tunes

And since we started off dirty and loud we should keep the spirit and mood alive i guess. Actually, screw alive let’s go epic and big on loud and dirty with this next post! And i think “Drums Of Death” by The Zombiekids is exactly the track i am looking for right now in order to do that. These guys come from Spain and they sure know how to reach epic levels of loudness. Once again this isn’t a track to dance to and i guess it won’t be played in your average club but that’s not what the Metalectro blog is about. Not on Mondays at least. If i had to categorize and compare this track to any other track then it would have to be the track by Karetus featured in an earlier post on the Metalectro blog. Like that track “Drums Of Death” shares the same loud, dirty, atmospheric and almost classic music epicness to it and i personally love it. Besides the great musical greatness of the composition though, i also really like the production and how the track sounds. It’s heavy and even though it is not as dirty as other tracks i have posted on here i think it sounds exactly as dirty as it should. Really great work by The Zombiekids and i really hope that more will follow shortly! And you can be certain that i will share it with you when it does!


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