Bang Chatter – Galactic Cats

Posted: December 6, 2010 in Tunes

Another week ahead of us and i have to admit it, i hate that the weekend is over. At least i am back with a couple more posts since it’s Monday and that has to count for something. In any case and even if it counts for nothing at all, here comes today’s first post and track. And if any of you are counting on my disliking of Mondays and expect me to throw some dirt on the world and on your eardrums with today’s tracks, then you certainly hit the jackpot. The first track for the day and week is by Bang Chatter and is called “Galactic Cats”. Not sure where the inspiration or the idea for the title might have come from but i can tell you for sure that this guy from Lyon, France sure likes it dirty and massive. That’s exactly what this track is all about. Massive, loud, dirty synths from outer space attacking your eardrums! Maybe this isn’t the classic uplifting dance track to play in a club or the track that will rock you so hard and get you banging your head but it has a certain amount of dirt to throw on the listener and a trash value that has to be appreciated and given some credit. Also, a big thank you to Bang Chatter for contributing and sharing this track with us on the Metalectro Soundcloud Group. So, trash your Monday and let’s get loud and dirty with Bang Chatter’s “Galactic Cats” for starters and see how that works out. I certainly enjoyed it!

  1. Clara says:

    Incredible sound , wow !

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