The Big Robot – Space Invader

Posted: December 3, 2010 in Tunes

I guess it’s obvious to all those who read the previous post that the mood is set already and today we’re going wild, kicking and dancing! And that’s exactly what the next track is about! Putting the pedal to the metal and going full speed Metalectro all Friday evening long! So, here comes The Big Robot with “Space Invader” and damn it rocks! The Big Robot is from Southampton, UK and is best-known for his remixes on Emiliana Torrini, Monosurround and most recently Ok Go (to be featured on the game ‘Rock Band 3’) and is quickly gaining a reputation for precision sonic ruthlessness. Wait a minute, did i say sonic ruthlesness? Oh yes i did and we love stuff like that here. As for the track, i just love it, more on the rock/metal side of things i would say but you have to love it anyway. I think that besides being hard and loud it is quite groovy as well and if it doesn’t make you want to dance then it has at least to make you want to jump around and go wild! Great intro with the arcade Space Invader sound-alike opening and then the surf-like guitar and actually i quite like how the track keeps building up and getting bigger. Nice guitar parts and sound and even a solo! Massive sound and an excellent track overall! Great stuff by Big Robot! Nothing else to say, the track speaks by itself really,  so have a nice overcharged and rocking weekend and more Metalectro on Monday!


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