Natisse – Kiss me on the lips (SnapCrack remix)

Posted: December 3, 2010 in Tunes

Well, it’s Friday again and i’m pretty sure everyone feels damn good about it with the weekend just around the corner. Except workaholics and those who have made plans they regret for the weekend maybe but i certainly don’t fall into either of those categories. And since i am all happy and about to go out and about have some drinks and see where that takes me, i think i should get the juices flowing with today’s posts. The first of the tracks i have in mind and i am going to share with you is a remix by SnapCrack on “Kiss me on the lips” by Natisse. SnapCrack is a French duo aiming to create a new musical style inspired by electro, hip hop, drum ‘n’ bass, rock and many other influences! Well, here on the Metalectro blog we love to hear that and hopefully we can do our bit by posting tracks by such artists. Anyway, getting back to the track i have to admit that i quite liked the original by Natisse as well but this remix is really pushing it and takes the track into a whole new dimension. A creative remix i must say that kept some of the vocals and the guitar riff but the overall feeling and sound of the SnapCrack version has nothing to do with the original. I really love the emphasis put on the guitar, loud and much heavier on this one than the original. Very good work pushing the track and making it even groovier with the addition of the synths as well. A very good remix and a very uplifting track i would say that i really enjoy listening to. Especially to get me going and set the mood for a great evening out! Nice one SnapCrack, keep’em coming!


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