Stress (Liberty Redux)

Posted: December 1, 2010 in Tunes

Since the first post was a dance track with a metal sound i thought i would even things out by shifting a bit more to the electro side of things with this next post. There is no doubt that this is a pure electro track with a club feel into it but as you should have already guessed it does have a fair amount of dirt and intensity packed into it if it is posted here. Anyway, the track is called “Stress” and is a remix on Justice’s “Stress” by a duo based on Los Angeles who call themselves Liberty! You might be more familiar with DJ MDXX and/or Bobby Revolver but in any case put the two of them together and you have Liberty! Back to the track itself, i have to admit that listening to it for the first time it did stress me a little as it still has all that insanity and paranoia feeling of the original track by Justice. Only that this version sounds like you took the original and trashed it up a bit. It sounds harder in my opinion but it is not as dirty as the original throughout the whole track. I also quite like the fact that it is less chaotic than the original and feels a bit more tidy without losing any of the intensity or stressful vibe though. Like i said earlier, this track has a club feel and sound but it also has the atmosphere of a track played in a club that jumped straight out of a nightmare. Good stuff by Liberty! and a great take and remix on Justice that had to be posted on Metalectro blog!


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