Slipknot – Duality (Belzebass Remix)

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Tunes

Now for our second post! And since this is probably going to be the last post for the month i think i should hit you hard and give you something to remember until the next time! So, here is a remix on Slipknot’s “Duality” by Belzebass. I am sure many of you are familiar with the original track so no need to get into that and i am certainly not going to get into talking about Slipknot. Besides, this is the Belzebass remix so that’s what i am going to get into. Belzebass are two producers from Italy and are quite famous for their dirty, loud, hard pounding electro and their love of distorted bass in case you don’t pick that up from their name. With influences varying from indie elektro, fidget, elektrotrash and deathcore to wobbling and distorted bass i think you can tell why they would be the perfect candidate for a kick ass remix on Slipknot. And they sure delivered with “Duality” all that one would expect from them. They have kept all the energy and heaviness of the original that makes you want to bang your head until your neck is sore but taken it clubbing and given it a really nice electro sound and feel at the same time! Moshing, headbanging, dancing or just jumping around like crazy and screaming, it all feels in place with this track. No doubt this is a landmark by Metalectro standards and a future all time classic. Oh, and it’s certainly staying in my playlist for a while! Great stuff by Belzebass!


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