Karetus – Symphony Of Chaos

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Tunes


Hell-o to all Metalectroheadz out there and have a nice week! Monday and a new week ahead of us, so it’s time for another dose of Metalectro! Hope you all had a great rocking weekend and you are ready for today’s posts. To start with i picked a track by Karetus. The track is called “Symphony Of Chaos” and listening to it will make you understand why the title fits the track perfectly. Before i get into the track itself i would like to emphasize on the music duo from Lisbon, Portugal. Their personal struggle is to bring the loudness war to the masses as they themselves claim and we totally support, back them and hope they succeed with that. I think it’s fair to say their style is obviously heavy, dirty and loud if they made it to this blog but it is yet quite different than the style of any of the tracks posted so far. It certainly is very atmospheric and even dark and it sucks you in deep just before those loud heavy guitars and full sound spits you back out. The word that i think i am looking for to describe this track is epic. And no doubt Karetus have done an amazing job bringing together all those classic music epicness with the dirty synths and heavy distorted guitars. I sure hope Karetus can manage to succeed in bringing the loudness war to the masses but i can guarantee that i am going to bring to all you Metalectroheadz more of their loudness war!


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