HAEZER – Dominator

Posted: November 26, 2010 in Tunes

The second post for the day is a track by HAEZER. The track is called “Dominator” and is taken from the self titled Ep which is signed by ONION RECORDS (ITALY) and was recently realeased on Beatport. Featuring remixes of “Dominator” by artists such as IKKI, Boomzers, Krftkds, Snap Crack and Black Dove Underground i think that listening to the original track you can tell why HAEZER is famous for his hard “death electro” sound. You might as well call HAEZER’s sound dominating although i doubt that was what he had in mind when he came up with the title of the track. You have to love the intensity and the energy of the track and the sexy female vocals are a very nice touch and create a nice contrast with the aggressive, dirty, might as well call it masculine sound of the track. Certainly more tracks by HAEZER will follow as it is not by coincidence that he has grown to be one of the most famous “death electro” artists and this being the Metalectro blog we welcome and like tracks like this.


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