Posted: November 26, 2010 in Tunes

Friday and just before the weekend starts i thought i’d post some more tracks. And since i am feeling a bit sick i wanted the next post to be sick too! FCKN CREW’s “Carnage” seems to be just the right track for that, loud and banging hard right from the beginning it almost sounds like a black metal band playing electro. A powerful track and a genious idea, it sounds like playing death or black metal with electro sound instead of your classic metal guitar, bass, drums sound. I personally quite like the screaming at certain parts as it fits in perfectly with the whole idea and the raw energy and feeling the track gives. With influences such as Toxic Avenger, Boyz Noize, and Huoratron, FCKN CREW is a part of this new wave of electro music that you could qualify as powerful trash electro. But this specific track is really pushing FCKN CREW one step further and into the Metalectro genre. Metalectro at it’s best as well i might add. Sick and great at the same time, i am certainly going to watch these guys closely and hope for more like this.


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