F.O.O.L – Berserkergang (Owl Vision Remix)

Posted: November 24, 2010 in Tunes

Wednesday today and thought i’d post a couple more tracks. Having spent my morning out and about facing the daily grind i thought i’d get a bit chaotic with this first post for the day. So, this is a remix on F.O.O.L’s “Bersekergang” by Owl Vision. This Swedish one man band is well known for the hard aggressive electro is playing and even more for bringing chaos to the dancefloor. For those of you familiar with the original track it’s no hard to see why Owl Vision is famous for his hard electro. The noise levels have gone up in this remix and the atmosphere is great right from the start and the intro. For hard electro fans Owl Vision’s full length album “Leprozy” is certainly worth checking out. So, play “Bersekergang” loud and i think it should become obvious why Owl Vision was picked as “The unsigned hype of the month” by Kissy Sellout on BBC Radio 1. Good hard stuff, keep on rocking OV!


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