Démogratostest – Fock ya

Posted: November 24, 2010 in Tunes

Listening to the previous post i got in the mood for something even harder, heavier, louder and aggressive like a punch in the face and a kick in the ass that will make you wanna bang your head! So, here is “Fock Ya” by Démogratostest! Now, this is Metalectro at full speed and intensity! You can never go wrong with those thrashy guitars really, they are meant to act upon the listener like an adrenaline boost and they sure do in this track! I suppose it’s not the track that’s going to make you get your dancing shoes on but this being the Metalectro blog and all, i bet it’s the track that’s going to make you want to plug your guitar in your old Marshall amp and blast the world to hell and back! Thumbs up to Démogratostest for the all out war, sonic attack approach and i sure hope you have more like this planned! Also, a big thank you for contributing to the Metalectro Soundcloud Group by sharing this track with us! Rock on!


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