The Rapture – House of jealous lovers (Beef Theatre RMX)

Posted: November 22, 2010 in Tunes

After a rowdy weekend full of celebrations and night life activity i thought i would start the week with some new posts. Something loud, lively and fresh is what i had in mind and i think Beef Theatre’s rmx  on “House Of Jealous Lovers” by The Rapture was the perfect choice. Fresh and sexy, dirty and groovy seemed like a nice way to start the day and week and get things going again. Just love the sound  and the energy this remix is packing and i can guarantee that there will be a lot more coming our way from these guys. Trust me on this one, i know these guys are going to keep us busy with posting more of their stuff! Coming back to the track itself, this one is absolutely wild! I have to hand it out to Beef Theatre for really taking the track to the next level if you ask me. Listening to the original and to this remix you have to love the effort and the creativity these guys put into it and of course bang your head with this guitar riff. It rocks hard and we like it a lot, we like it Metalectro style! Great stuff guys!


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