Gyber – Pandemic

Posted: November 22, 2010 in Tunes

This next track by Gyber is quite something now! “Pandemic” is all out war and talking about energy, this is overcharged. Loud, dirty and heavy, “Pandemic”  by Gyber is just the track we would party with down there in Digital Hell. As for the track, it pounds hard! I have to admit though that listening to this brings to mind Pantera’s “Walk” and i sure hope this track and Gyber can get as big as “Walk” and Pantera did. The huge sound is there no doubt and what a great work to bring in those loud heavy guitars.  Keep it up Gyber, we hope that more like this will follow and we will certainly be following and waiting for more! Keep an ear and eye out as well for this track being released soon by King Kong records and make sure you play it loud mutha! That’s all for now, over and out, keep on rocking!


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