Quiet Riot – Cum on feel the noize (Kids At The Bar Remix)

Posted: November 17, 2010 in Tunes


Here we are again with a new post and a new track and what a track if you ask me! “Kids At The Bar” really did it this time! I absolutely loved this remix from the first second. An all time classic Quiet Riot hard rock/heavy metal anthem and soon to be a Metalectro all time classic! If there is a “best of Metalectro remixes” or something some day it certainly has already booked a place in it. No need to get very analytical here and go deep on what a great job these guys did on keeping all those elements that made the original a classic and coming up with a loud, groovy electro version of it. The sound is just as big and fat as it needed to be in my opinion. Not really dirty, not really clean either but it’s just right. Great stuff by “Kids At The Bar” and a remix that’s fast growing to become a favorite and occupy a place on my playlist on a constant basis. Nothing else to say about this one, just “Cum on feel the noize”! Girls rock your boys! Wild, wild, wild remix!!!



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