Slayer IKKI remix (re edit 2010) – Dead skin mask

Posted: November 5, 2010 in Videos

Really cool Metalectro remix of Slayer’s Dead Skin Mask! Great work by IKKI combining the loud and heavy guitar parts and chorus of the original with all the electro elements. Certainly maintains the feel of the original throughout the whole remix but gives it a groovy feel by the addition of the synths and big beat. Nice full Metalectro sound at it’s best! I bet many Slayer fans wouldn’t approve of this one but i think it’s great and yes, i used to be a big Slayer fan. Thumbs up and many bravos to IKKI for the idea in the first place and the result even more. It did come out great and personally i bet many would have liked and possibly tried to take a thrash metal classic such as this and remix it but i haven’t heard any that i enjoyed as much as this. I sure hope i am wrong on this one though and to find many more and that they are all as good as this one is and even better.


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